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Hola Cherry Cola!

What’s up!? I’m Jake Walker… Born and raised right here in Colorado Springs. I actually started in radio when I was in high school at Liberty High as a board op for our sister station KVOR. Growing up, I always listened to Magic FM… I loved Goose and Romi in the mornings, so working here is certainly both a trip, and a dream come true! After finishing my degree in Telecommunications Production at PPCC, I got a job over at KKTV 11 News. As an editor to start, I worked my way up to photographer, then eventually got on-air as a morning show reporter. That was quite the experience; I’ve definitely got some crazy stories to tell from doing that. However, reporting on crime, death, and destruction got old. I put my foot back in the radio door hosting a weekly talk show selling discounted gift certificates on-air while getting into real estate management. That too was quite the interesting career. I’ve become part of the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado and still do marketing with them which is tons of fun. Still though, I wasn’t doing what I truly loved. so when I saw there was an opening at Magic FM, I pounced on it. Awwoo!

Here we are now, I’m your midday DJ 11am-3pm Monday through Friday and Promotions Director on 98.9 Magic FM! I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you know me, or listen to me for 5 seconds on the air, you’ll know that I’m quite a goof ball. I love to laugh, dance (shout out to my Zumba family!) and feel the bass to some dope EDM! What else is there to know about me… Bailey my border collie and Roger my beta wish are my life. My favorite color is red (still working on changing the magic logo LOL jk), and Sour Patch Kids are by far my favorite candy! If you read this far, bless your sweet heart, you must be really bored. In that case, go ahead and add my social (links above), or shoot me an email anytime to Jake@989magicfm.com – WOOF!

Did I mention my love for EDM? This was at EDC 2018

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