Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Billionaires and Their Phallic Spaceships

JEFF BEZOS’ New Shepard spaceship looks SO MUCH like a wiener, and Bezos looks SO MUCH like Dr. Evil, that it was a given the “Austin Powers” memes would be flying after his space flight yesterday.


But JON STEWART took things even further.  His new Apple TV series “The Problem with Jon Stewart” doesn’t premiere until September . . . But the crew put together a sketch about narcissistic billionaires and their phallic-shaped rockets battling for supremacy in outer space.



It stars JASON ALEXANDER as Bezos, TRACY MORGAN as his “diverse friend”, and a MOP as RICHARD BRANSON.



And check this out:  In the sketch, Alexander puts on a cowboy hat . . . just like Bezos did yesterday.  But the sketch was filmed WEEKS ago.  So what they meant as an over-the-top moment of parody, Bezos actually did FOR REAL.



You may remember that Jon’s good buddy STEPHEN COLBERT actually HOSTED the livestream of Branson’s space flight on July 11th, then had Branson on the “Late Show” to brag about it.



After being such an unapologetic cheerleader for Branson’s flight, it would be interesting to get his take on Jon’s new skit.



Speaking of critics, MEGHAN MCCAIN slammed Bezos for going to space while Amazon employees have to pee in water bottles.  (Uproxx)



(WARNING:  The sketch contains profanity . . . as well as a title you can’t say on the air.)



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