Queen Elizabeth Cuts the Cake… With A Sword

If Queen Elizabeth Wants to Cut a Cake with a Sword, She’ll Cut a Cake with a Sword, Dammit!


Here is one of the many reasons QUEEN ELIZABETH is more bad-ass than you will ever be:  She celebrated her 95th birthday on Saturday by cutting her cake . . . with a SWORD.



At one point, one of her aides tried to tell her there was a knife she could use, and she replied, “I know there is” . . . then kept on rolling with the sword.  Although she did need some help from CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES.



Later in the day, the Queen met with world leaders including PRESIDENT BIDEN.  And she got sassy again during a photo op, when she said, quote, “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?”




Jake Walker

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