Quarantined Entertainment


It’s been about a week since most of the country has started shutting down.

Luckily, we’re still here, able to work from home, and hang out with you on-air/online/on social media. We also have regular COVID-19 updates on the air.

Still though, things can get pretty boring in isolation. That’s why I’m putting together this list of ideas for you to stay sane while locked up at home. I’m no doctor, but here’s some ideas:

  1. Play with your Amazon Alexa- try saying “Alexa, Enable the 98.9 Magic FM skill!”… she can provide hours of entertainment!
  2. Draw/Color! You can print off free coloring templates from Google – and if you don’t have colors, try filling in the colors on Photoshop!
  3. Dance – Working out and breaking a sweat is great for feeling good with natural endorphins!
  4. Stretch – Being cooped up can do a number on the muscles. Yoga is a great way to break a sweat and stretch out those YAMS!
  5. Be Mindfully Present – These work well for me… try one of several grounding techniques like meditation. You are here and the time is now!
  6. Cook your favorite food – Take your time with this one. Clean as you go, and reward your patience with your favorite dish!
  7. Be with animals – Another personal favorite, animals are great at helping pull you into the here and the now. Dogs/Fish/Cats… whatever floats your boat!
  8. Call or text a friend – Just because we can’t be physically close, doesn’t mean we have to be totally distant. Use your technology to connect with someone you love.
  9. Have some scrap paper or junk mail? Make a fleet of paper airplanes or fold some origami!
  10. Spend some time poking around our website. There’s tons of pages full of fun content. Play with the tabs up top and drop us a line!

I hope these ideas can help stir up some good vibes for you. Above all, please be kind to one another. We are all experiencing these trying times together.

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Jake Walker

Monday through Friday: 10am-3pm