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Hey Queen!

I was born in Phoenix Arizona, but love the cold weather Colorado Springs. I was thrown into radio and ever since then, I AM IN LOVE! I’ve been working with Cumulus ever since I was a wee college student and now I call it my home. Radio is something I fall in love with over and over again and I’m a total nerd for the engineering and production side of radio. Being an air talent is so much fun and I’m thankful every day for it! I love love love seeing people out on live remotes! You make my whole world turn and I’m so thankful you listen to the BEST station in Colorado Springs.

I am an animal lover and have dogs and cats. I would love to have a chinchilla one day too! My doggo Mr. Fee is my love. He and I love to chill on the couch and play Fallout 4 and watch Good Mythical Morning, Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson. Food is my favorite sport and I love trying new things, unless its sea food…NASTY. Also, Pineapple DOES belong on pizza. Sorry, not sorry! I love collecting crystals and have covered my bedroom with them. My favorite animal is a shark and I would LOVE to swim with them someday! Being a goofball is the key to a happy life. Never let anybody take your young spirited heart away from you!

The first album I bought was a Maroon 5 album and I’ve been hooked ever since. I met Adam Levine and he’s even more handsome in person, REALLY tall too! Lady Gaga is my idol and I’ve loved her since day one, paws up!! Simple Plan has my heart and I never get tired of Panic at the Disco. I LOVE all types of music! Tune in to my show every Sunday from 7a to 11a and Monday morning 12a to 6a! I’d love to hang out and be squad!!