Alex Waters was born at some point, in some place, but don’t ask him for his star chart because he doesn’t remember anything from the day. Despite his parents’ best efforts, Waters turned his 3.98 GPA into a career in radio, and has been paying the price – namely, student debt – for that decision ever since. He speaks two and a half languages, owns the 3rd-largest collection of air guitars in the Western Hemisphere, and allegedly (the investigation is still ongoing) lives with a 19-year old cat named Tink. If Waters could have any job in the world, he would want to be the guy who puts on the rubber suit and plays Godzilla in the movies. But since they’re not hiring for that anymore thanks to CGI, you can hear him on your radio weeknights from 7-midnight MST. Say hi, and keep up with Alex on his social media profiles, which are all the same because he’s not very creative: @WatersOnAir.