Got A DOT?! How About Siri. Ok, Google?!


Isolation can be rough, but with 98.9 Magic FM you don’t have to feel that way! We are the radio station you want to cuddle up with not just in the car, but at home and in the office! There are SO MANY ways to TUNE US IN with YOU!


Try saying

  • Or try “Hey Siri, go to NINE-EIGHT-NINE, Magic F-M-DOT-COM!”
  • Even try “Ok Google, Open NINTEY-EIGHT-POINT-NINE, Magic FM on Tune In!”

Why snuggle up with us? Well, we hook you up with the FREE tickets to the HOTTEST SHOWS coming around Colorado! That, and we’re someone you can vent to, chat with, and feel a genuine connection with. We’re your friends! We are Magic FM!


✌️ ❤️ U 

-Jake Walker


Jake Walker

Monday through Friday: 10am-3pm


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