Hey, It’s Aubrey- I CAN’T EVEN…

If Cicadas get to scream for no reason, then so should I. 

You may or may not have heard me in the middle of the night. I go by

Midnight Mistress. We were recently tasked with blogging things and I wasn’t sure what to blog about.

What gets people engaged? What gets people talking? Then I thought about how much gossip can be in the workplace. You know that feeling when you’re driving home and can’t wait to tell your significant other or friend what dumb stuff Deborah did today? Yeah, I KNOW THAT FEELING TOO. Shame on you DEBORAH! My point is, the whole “I’m doing fine,” “smile even though you’re furious” thing has got to go. There is this little loud bug out there called a Cicada that screams for a living. I feel like that’s a pretty decent 9 to 5 and a pretty decent way of shaking off the stress.

My blog is dedicated to you, and I want to hear you scream. Let it all out. Tell me about your awful day. I want to know the tea sis. I want to hear the horrible ways Deborah operates in your workplace. All responses will be confidential if they are featured on this blog too! I ain’t no snitch, because snitches get stitches 😉  Send me a message to my Facebook MidnightMistress and let the venting BEGIN! If this doesn’t work, we will move on and pretend this never happened. I’ll lie in bed and be embarrassed about it until I fall asleep! Happy venting! 😛