My F@#$%D Up Finger…

HAILEY BIEBER took to her Instagram story to explain why her pinkies are

crooked.  It’s a genetic disorder she’s had all her life.  She said, quote, “So in conclusion please stop roasting me about my pinky fingers.”

Unlike Hailey, I have a funky finger not due to genetics, but because when I was just two years old, I reached in a can of peaches, slicing my finger clean off at the tip. I don’t remember it, but somehow they got that sucker back on and he works just as good as new to this day…

…However, he’s a bit chunky. He’s also got a pretty nice scar. But just like snowflakes, no two fingers are the same. That’s okay by me too! I’ve learned to love my lil chunky finger, along with many other awkward sides of myself.

Point is, fingers, whether chicken or human, are all different. Really, what are we supposed to look like? I don’t think these “flaws” should make anyone feel bad about themselves. Embrace the weird, be you, and give anyone who disagrees the finger.

✌️ ❤️ U 

Jake Walker